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Since late 1999 we have been providing stock market imformation helping both new and experienced investors enhance their stock selection skills.  In our opinion this is the best strategy to use when selecting stocks to possibly invest in.  

Our strategy is rather simple and easy to use as basically it says to focus on those stocks which have favorable Sales and Earnings Growth that reside in a strong performing Industry Group.   There are several sources that provide stock market imformation regarding Sales and Earnings Growth of each stock including this site.  In addition investors should also look for those stocks which have been developing a favorable chart pattern such as the "Cup and Handle", "Double Bottom" and "Flat Base". 

Here are some stocks we featured back in early to mid March along with their performance through 5/8/03 using the our investing strategy.

Symbol Date
Highest Price through 5/8 Gain
AAI 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 6.05 7.94 31%
AGAM 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 6.43 9.75 52%
CLZR 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 8.50 11.90 40%
EXLT 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 7.00 8.79 26%
PRA 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 22.80 27.58 21%
ROCM 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 9.16 11.59 27%
WRC 3/8/03 Cup/Handle 21.05 NA Stop Loss
AMZN 3/15/03 Cup/Handle 24.71 31.18 26%
IIVI 3/15/03 Cup/Handle 18.02 20.41 13%
NFLX 3/15/03 Cup/Handle 16.55 24.69 49%
OPTC 3/15/03 Cup/Handle 7.15 12.95 81%
OVTI 3/15/03 Double Bottom 21.18 29.17 38%
WFR 3/15/03 Cup/Handle 9.45 13.25 40%
YHOO 3/15/03 Cup/Handle 20.69 26.25 27%

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