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Our Short Term Trading Strategy looks for stocks breaking out of a favorable chart pattern such as the, "Cup and Handle", "Double Bottom" or "Flat Base".  Our goal is to make at least one point in every trade.  Every trade is exited two days after the initial entry unless one point is made or we are stopped out of the trade for a loss of one point. 

An example of a recent stock pick which provided an favorable short term trade was NTES.  NTES formed a Cup and Handle pattern and then broke out of its Handle (H) in mid September.

On a short term basis we are looking to only hold the position for a day or two and then take our profits.  A daily chart of NTES is shown below as NTES broke above its Handle on 9/12/05 with the entry price of 81.50.  In this example NTES followed through an profits were taken on 9/13/05 at 85.50 for a net gain of 4 points.

2005 Short Term Trading Performance

# of Hypothetical Positions :  78
# of Winning or Breakeven Positions:  65 (83%)
# of Stop Loss Positions:  13 (17%)

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involving our Short Term Strategy

Short Term Performance vs Major Averages

Amateur Investors   +47.0%  

Dow                    -3.4%  
Nasdaq               -2.7%  
        S&P 500            +0.3%  

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