A List of Penny Stocks

Looking for a list of penny stocks? Let us teach you tried and true methods to identify the best type of chart patterns to buy penny stocks from.  If you are an amateur investor, help yourself to our Beginners Tutorial.  These web pages guide you easily through the types of chart patterns we use to track stocks. You'll be an expert in identifying the 'Cup and Handle' trading pattern for example in no time.  Here is an example of a penny stock (IED) we featured in early January of 2006 which developed a Cup and Handle pattern and broke out a week later.   IED then rose from $5.75 to $8.75 over the next 8 weeks for a gain of 52%,

A list of penny stocks is just that - a list.  Instead, take advantage of our educational tools such as the AII Top 100 Stocks List.  See also the Industry Group analysis information. And, of course you'll want to sign up for our FREE Weekly Amateur Investor Newsletter.

Take a look at our performance history, read our articles of the month.  Review our stock of the month, and our top five picks. We make your investment decisions simpler by giving you the education you need. In place of a list of penny stocks, we give you knowledge! 

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