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Once a month we will provide a free analysis of a company from our
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Our selection for March is Ask Jeeves (ASKJ)



1Q 02/01 2Q 02/01 3Q 02/01 4Q 02/01

% Increase in Quarterly Sales Growth

-16% +5% +15% +48%

% Increase in Quarterly Earnings Growth

NA NA NA +189%
% Increase in Quarterly Net Profit Margins -64.6% -48.3% -24.7% +16.0%

Earnings Outlook:

Estimates for the next two quarters and next two years:

1Q 03/02 2Q 03/02 2003/2002 2004/2003
.04/-.22 .05/-.16 .22/-.37 .31/.22
+118% +131% +159% +41%

NXTL provides digital mobile communications throughout the United States by offering integrated wireless services under the Nextel brand name, primarily to business users.

Ratings as of 2/28/03 include:

EPS Rank: 83
RS Rank: 99
Industry Group: Internet-Services
Shares Outstanding: 43.0M
Float Shares 35.6M
Institutional Ownership: 17%
Insider Ownership: 17%
Average Daily Volume: 1,140,000
Next Earnings Report: 4/14/03

As of late March ASKJ has developed a 5 week Handle (point A) after forming the right side of a 2 year Cup.  Its Pivot Point is around the $7.50 level.  If it can break above the $7.50 level accompanied by strong volume it appears the next level of significant resistance would be around the $15 area.  

***The Focus Stock of the Month is our opinion of a company to watch in the future.***
***This doesn't mean it's a recommendation to buy the stock.***

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