Understanding the Stock Market

Build your understanding of the stock market from experienced professionals who know how to keep it simple. You will soon be doing what we do, focusing on stocks that provide the best opportunities in the future. Our goal is to share our understanding of the stock market to make it easy for you to follow simple fundamental chart patterns.

We maintain an Amateur Investors Index (AII) of stocks to watch based on performance and then add them to the AII Portfolio. You will notice we provide a valuable stock screening tool as well. Membership offers this and so much more. Try full membership status for two weeks for FREE! Once you use our tools for understanding the stock market you'll have a real head start.

We feature a stock of the month article and provide five picks for you to monitor on your own and improve your understanding the stock market. Keep up to date with market movements. Sign up for our Amateur Investor Weekly Newsletter today. The price is right - it's FREE!

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